We get many questions about our services, all of which are answered at our pre-shoot meetings. Here you will find a few of the more common ones.

We will add to this list all of the regular questions we are asked, but if you have a specific question you would like answered give John a call and he will be happy to answer it.

Can i see my photo to make sure i am happy with it?

YES! Staff see and choose their own image live on the laptop as they’re shot. If you are not happy with the image we can shoot it again until you feel happy and comfortable with the image you have chosen.

do i have to send the images to my printer and web designers? Is there a chance you could loose the images?

No. We supply your images digitally via our website and on CD. They are supplied in two folders, hi resolution – print ready, and low resolution – web use. You can send the link to your printers, or web designers directly. They can download the images they require without you having to do any resizing or emailing of images. All of our images are safely stored and backed up.

i need my images for my website, but my designer wants them in a different format.

We will work with your web designer or printer to ensure the images we supply are specific to the use that they are required. This includes ensuring the orientation and colour format are correct. By working with your designers and ensuring we shoot images designed for their use, we negate any requirement for redesign or layout changes. This saves the designers time, and you money.

I need images that will give a specific message to my website visitors. How can i make sure the right message is given?

When instructing JRP as your photographer we want to know exactly the message you are trying to send to the viewer. 'A picture paints a thousand words' yes, but the right words can only be painted if they are understood. The exact shots you require are captured ensuring value for money, a significant saving of time and disruption and an increase in engagement leading to more sales.