A world without photos

In this world of digital imagery its difficult to imagine a world without photos but could it happen.

I guess in the larger scheme of things no. Let’s face it, it is very unlikely that there will never be a way of taking photos; but what about you personally.

A friend upgraded her phone recently and later that day when she was looking through it she realised that she had lost over 5,000 images. We take so many pictures on our phones and tablets, but how many of us actually do anything with them.

A world without photos is difficult to imagine, until you realise that one mistake with the delete key, or a hard drive crash and they’re all gone.

You now have a world without photos!

As a professional photographer I have a responsibility to ensure the images I capture are safe for my clients. I therefore back up all images at the earliest opportunity, and to 3 different places before I would ever consider clearing the camera cards.

So how do you ensure all of your precious memories are safe?

Well, ensuring they back up to the cloud is a great start, but even that is only as good as the system used. Even back-up drives crash!

Burning the images to discs is another way to keep them safe, but most laptops are now supplied without a disc drive so will there be a time when you won’t be able to read them; look what happened to video and vinyl records.

USB drives are a good way to back up large amounts of images. They are reasonably cheap to purchase, which means that you can have your images on several different drives, and they take up little room when stored.

All of these options, and the many more that are available to you are great, but they all have the same weakness. They are all prone to failure.

It is my view, and always will be, that there is no substitute for having them in print. Printing is relatively cheap and there are plenty of places that have machines that will print straight from your phone or digital camera.

Select the best, put them in a separate folder and have them printed as 6” x 4” prints and put them in an album. Prints can be as little as 10p each, a small price to pay for an everlasting memory.

Digital albums are also a great way to display your images. Web based album companies such as Blurb, have a great selection at very reasonable prices.

Follow these steps to ensure you have photos to look at when your family are all grown up and you feel like reminiscing. Digital media will continue to evolve and storage media will come and go, but you will always be able to see a print in a book.

Keeping your images safe will ensure you never have to live in a world without photos!