Salisbury Life Issue No 162

As usual we feature heavily in the new edition of Salisbury Life, issue no 162. John did a "pub crawl", photographing pubs as far afield as Romsey and Fordingbridge to Tisbury for the "Snug Pubs" feature; 11 in all.

A visit to The Personal Wellness Studio in Brown Street for a feature on the studio and Erak Simsson was also on the cards. John watched and photographed a kettle bell class which he said was great fun.

Visits also included Cranes Wine Cafe in Crane Street, The Chapel Nightclub for a fashion show, sponsered by Specsaavers, in aid of Scotty's Little Soldiers and Castle Street Social Club for a beer festival run by CAMRA (Campaign for Real Ale). All in all a very alcoholic theme to this post but not a drop was tasted.

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