What do the words vintage and nostalgia mean to you?

Have you ever wondered what it would be like, to live in a different era?

A time when wearing an army uniform was fashionable, as was denim, a neck scarf or a dress with small delicate flowers on.


If I were to ask you what the words vintage and nostalgia mean to you, what would you say?

In the Oxford dictionary, vintage is described as:

  • Vintage wine is of very good quality and has been stored for several years
  • Of a vehicle made between 1919 and 1930 and admired for its style
  • Typical of a period in the past and of high quality;
  • Vintage year, a particularly good and successful year

And nostalgia as:

  • Sentimental longing for or regretful memory of a period of the past, esp. one in an individual's own lifetime; (also) sentimental imagining or evocation of a period of the past.
  • Something which causes nostalgia for the past; freq. as a collective term for things which evoke a former (remembered) era.

To us at “John Rose Photography” the words Vintage Nostalgia  symbolise an amazing and exciting weekend festival, held annually at Stockton Park  just of the A36, in the heart of the Wiltshire countryside (not very far from Salisbury) - home of the Vintage Nostalgia Show (or VNS for short)

So let's set the scene - take a field well actually in this case, let’s take four.  An abundance of canvas tents, marquees, and gazebos in various different shapes, sizes and colours. Camper vans, motor homes, and yurts scattered the landscape mixed in with silver American style bullets towed by all manner of vehicles.

Cars ranging from classic beauties to what can only be described as rust buckets, a variety of refreshment stands and then add to it, 1000's of people many of whom are dressed in their Vintage style refinery.

Stalls selling anything from 1920 ’s style dresses, beautiful frilly petticoats as well as suits, hats and something as simple as a 1970's Star Wars figure in its original packaging.

If you have never visited the show it really is a must for your 2016 calendar but please be warned, you may very possibly feel as if you’ve been asleep, had a weird dream and woken in a different world when you arrive.


For the past two years we at John Rose Photography have had the privilege of capturing some amazing images of the VNS, on behalf of Salisbury Life Magazine. This year however we were there to sponsor the “Best Dressed” competition, awarding a prize of a £150.00 portrait shoot voucher with us and there were two further prizes kindly donated by Ringwood Brewery of a his and hers hamper.

VNS was an event that made us very proud to be at, as we were also a main sponsor along with “Ringwood Brewery” “Besame Cosmetics  ” and other local businesses.

From the moment we arrived on the Friday morning to set up for the show, you could feel the excitement and buzz in the air. It was great to see some familiar faces of those we had met previously as well as many new faces too. It’s a fantastic place to be, with some amazing opportunities for great images to be captured.


With our portable studio set up, we were set to create images that encapsulated the time, the moment and the memories of those that came to see us. We certainly had some laughs and giggles, especially when bride to be Gemma and her hen party arrived in our marquee. The girls certainly had some great poses and many of them were very characteristic to the style used in vintage pin up posters - lots of pouting, cheeky flirtatious looks and smiles too.

If you are looking for a great place to party let your hair down and celebrate a hen night or other celebration, there really is no better place to be.

When asked what we love about VNS, a long list of words spring to mind! But for us, the most important thing is that people walk away having spoken to us, or having had their photograph taken with a smile on their face that would give any Cheshire cat a run for its money.


VNS has to be by far one of our favourite events of the year to photograph for many reasons, one of these is that there are so many wonderful opportunities to capture and something intricate. With every turn of your head there is something new to feature, the atmosphere that you are faced with there is simply outstanding and without fail beyond charismatic which in turn makes for great photography and a great weekend.