Okay, so last week I posted my WHY, so this week I will tell you about my HOW.

Also known as a businesses Unique Selling Point (USP), Differential Value Proposition or Proprietary Process your HOW is what you can do that no one else can do, or do as well.

So what it my HOW? Or maybe it should be what is JRP's HOW.

Either way I guess the same answer will apply as it is about ethics and professionalism and how our aim is to help businesses grow, engage, and ultimately gain more of the right clients for them.

So HOW do we do it.

We have a four step approach to creating amazing images for our clients. The listening stage, the research stage, the creative stage, and finally the production stage. The first two are without doubt our HOW, the final two being our WHAT. So for this post we will be concentrating on the listening and researching stages.

I guess the biggest, most important part of the whole process we go through with our clients is the 'listening' stage. This is where we pull all of the details about what message you want to give when a someone sees the images. It is not just enough to create an image, it has to be an image that sends the correct message. An image that makes the viewer think a particular thing, that thing being what you want them to think about your business or product. Once we have gained an insight into the message you want the image to give, we can move onto the research stage.

The research stage is where we look for inspiration, or if we already have an array of ideas, the clarity and reassurance that the ideas we have are going to deliver the message in an easily understandable way. This stage may require a further meeting or discussion with you, to discuss our ideas.

A much shorter post this time, but I hope this insight into my, or JRPs HOW have helped to clarify HOW we create the perfect image for your company. If you've watched the full Simon Sinek talk in my post about our WHY, you have probably worked out the last in this series of posts will be WHAT we do.

Thank you for reading the second of my rambles. Please do leave a comment, I am very interested to know what you feel about HOW we do what we do. If you have a question post it in the comments and I will answer it. If you would like to talk to me about how I can create an image to help you and your business grow, please do get in touch by clicking here or telephoning 01722 320500.